The queen of abs, Santia Deck, is a certified trainer, social media influencer with almost 200,000 loyal and engaged followers, a former track and field collegiate athlete, and now plays lfl football (Atlanta steam) and flag football (reloaded), a published author, a fitness model, tv personality (Steve Austin’s broken skull ranch), and a tv host. Santia Marie deck was born in Greenville, sc and raised in Houston, tx; she has been chasing her dream of success since childhood. When Santia was only 2 years old, a doctor told her mother that Santia had the body of a runner. At seven, Santia was enrolled in a summer track program. She has been running like a flash ever since then, and now her career is taking off just as quickly. Santia received her certification through aaai, American aerobic association international, in 2012. She now has a result proven online workout program targeting the core that has helped individuals around the world lose belly fat. In 2013 she launched the queen of abs brand, and began personally training clients in her own unique way. Her debut fitness dvd, showcasing signature workout routines, was released in early fall of 2014 and continues to sell. The first season of her queen of abs fitness tv show was aired on November 19th, 2014 and is now available to millions of homes via NPowered network, wlpc tv-40, Comcast channel 397 at 6:00 am, Monday-Friday in Detroit, holy field black TV Detroit live tv33, and Comcast channel 91 in Detroit. The queen of abs travels the country hosting workshops and fitness events. Santia also speaks to groups of women, children and anyone else who can benefit from increased confidence, health, and self-determination. Santia has a soft spot for children. Her book titled "the struggle" sheds light on the dark world of child abuse, and is available on amazon.com. When she is not on tour, Santia now resides in Atlanta, GA.